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*Disclaimer: this quiz not intended to diagnose or treat any illness or condition.
How easy is it for you to fall asleep at night? *

What does it take to get you going in the morning? *

When preparing or ordering meals, do you: *

When looking at your feet, are you able to: *

When it comes your BM's, do you: *

When you do decide to exercise, are you: *

When was the last time you blew your top? *

When was the last time you participated in meditation or prayer? *

What rating would you give your overall anxiety level? *

1=none to hardly any
3=mild, sometimes I take something to help me
5=through the roof, why are there so many questions???

You chose mostly A's


You have a pretty good handle on your wellness, keep up with those physicals and enjoy that healthy eating & exercise plan!

Give me a call if you ever need a Mindset Reset. I'll help you stay on top of your game!
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You chose mostly B's

Well Done!

You're getting there, but definitely could use a boost of accountability. Stop delaying that physical & add a new exercise plan or route to put some excitement into your routine. Remember, the steps you take today will pay off for years to come!

I recommend my short-term group coaching program to help you achieve your goals.
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You chose mostly C's

The time to take action for a healthier life is now!

You would benefit from quality time spent learning more about proactive steps to take for your health & wellness. Start with a trip to your healthcare provider. Get a physical & lab work done. You need to get awareness. STAT.

You would be best suited for my longer term group program (or even my new "mix-it-up" combinations)
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You chose mostly D's

Let's stop the cycle of negative patterns.

It's me & you time. Life is a fantastic precious gift, and it's up to us to make the best of it. This stage is not a "Do It Yourself" stage, but one that needs the assist in multiple areas.

I recommend my personal 1:1 coaching program. We'll work in synergy with your physican to get the biggest impact on changing your life. 
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Are you feeling off balance?

Your answers point to some areas that need a deeper look. 

I can help you get find your balance for overall health.
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